[su_box title=”” box_color=”#9cd6f7″ title_color=”black” radius=”7″]Buying a home is the most important purchase of a lifetime. Make sure your dream home is the right home. Most people buying a house make up their mind the minute they walk through the front door. The perfect style, neighborhood and price are essential. The right home inspection will strengthen your decision and provide important resources to buy your next home with confidence.

At Roussel Home Inspections our goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to move forward with a real estate sale comfortably and fully knowledgeable of the condition of their new purchase. We do this by developing clear, concise and unbiased home inspection reports and providing onsite consulting. We encourage our clients to be present for all onsite inspections and ask questions about the condition and operation of the home and its systems.[/su_box]

Buyer Home Inspection

Traditional home inspections ordered for the home buyer home inspection buyer seller Brooklyn Queens Staten Island Nassau Countyare the single best way to ensure the quality of the home and identify any deficiencies. Typically, home inspections are performed as a condition of the home purchase and are stipulated within the contract. Roussel Home Inspections will be onsite to answer any questions about the condition of the home and we will submit our findings in the form of a report. We are trained to spot problems large and small that may be overlooked by a perspective homeowner. There is a reason 99% of Realtors recommend buyers engage the services of a home inspector.

Seller Home Inspection

No matter the vintage or location, all homes have their strengths and weaknesses and it is important homeowners looking to sell identify potentially costly repairs upfront. For sellers, we help point out what issues need immediate attention and others which can be deferred before entering into a contract with a perspective buyer. Seller inspections are relatively inexpensive and can provide a high rate of return.


Coop Condo Home Inspection Brooklyn Queens Staten Island Nassau CountyIn NYC Condo’s and COOP’s are everywhere and as a new owner you will be responsible for all repairs and maintenance of elements within the apartment. This includes everything from the windows to the electric and these systems should be inspected and tested. Considering the vintage of most buildings in NYC, an inspection by a licensed engineer is highly recommended. Roussel Home Inspections will counsel our clients on the requirements of Condo/COOP rules and the condition of the systems within the dwelling.


New Construction and Warranty Inspection

New construction allows clients to fully customize their new family home from the type of heating system to the color of the floor tiles. The process can be very exciting but the code and permit requirements, quality of materials and process in general can become overwhelming. Perspective homeowners looking to purchase a custom built home should retain the services of an independent home inspector to verify the quality of construction throughout the home building process. Roussel Home Inspections will look out for your interests and when requested develop contractor “punch lists” for your builder to correct before the warranty period.